Hiking Boots For Women

I take women on hiking and camping trips for a living and I believe the most important gear when you hit the trail are your boots.  Fit is super important but so are other features like waterproofing, ankle support, space in the toe and grip.

Below is the best hiking boots for women I have been able to find for hiking and backpacking.  They offer slightly different fits and comfort.  

I have included links for your convenience in shopping for price, size and cost.  When you shop from our links we get a little commission are able to fully fund our Happy Camper Scholarships and update gear that needs replacing.  

Happy Trails!

Best Hiking Boots For Women

These boots offer great comfort and excellent grip.  It took me four minutes to fall in love with these.  They are waterproof and have enough ankle/heel support to keep my foot in place.  I lace them differently based on what I am doing with them and use them for mountaineering up Whitney, hiking along rivers, and trekking in the San Diego mountains.

These are an excellent choice for multiple day backpacking trips and channeling your inner mountain goat headed for some climbing.  The ankle is supportive without being overbearing and the sole provides excellent support.  My only issue is my arch (its so very very high!) and it doesn't fit in these shoes.  So, if your foot is more in the medium to lower arch, these would be a great choice!

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