Women’s Camping, Hiking and Yoga Retreats

“ I have been looking for a way to make friends that actually like to be outdoors and do fun stuff.  I am so happy I came, I met some of the most authentic women I have in a long time."

-Megan R., San Diego

June 2019 Camper 

Camping Retreats for Women

Camping should be accessible, easy and enjoyable for women.  I provide everything you need to camp except your clothes and sleeping bag (although you can rent that if you need to!)

After camping in groups and solo all over Southern California, I wanted to share what I love and have learned along the way. 

These camping retreats for women include hiking (or walking), yoga (all levels), and a creative art session.  Sometimes we visit naturally occurring hot springs, national parks and other top wonders of the area.

Choose your 2019 Women's Retreat Weekend

2020 Women's Retreat Schedule

March 6-8 - Joshua Tree House Retreat with Hiking & Yoga (Open Now)

June 12-14 - Big Bear Camping with Hiking, Yoga & Art (Open Now)

July 10-12* - La Jolla Indian Reservation River Camping with Adults (co-ed event)

July 31-Aug 2 - Big Bear Camping with Hiking, Yoga & Art (Open Now)

August 21-23 - Mammoth Camping with Hiking & Yoga

September 18-20 - Laguna Mountain Camping with Kids

October and November Desert Camping (dates to come)

*Tentative dates - subject to change

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