Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

Women’s Camping, Hiking and Yoga Retreats 

Sleeping at Camp Options

  • In the group tent (share with 4-6 women)
  • On the dirt/grass at the campsite outside the tent (aka Coyboy Camping)
  • In your vehicle (with prior arrangements with organizer)
  • What is a “Sleep System”?

    A sleep system is the gear you call your bed when camping. It consists of 3 basic elements:

  • Sleeping bag (in place of bed sheets and comforter)
  • Sleeping pad, foam or inflatable. Air mattresses, like used in a home, don’t offer a lot of insulation and ofter take up more than the allotted space per camper (36″) and are not recommended for women’s camping retreats unless they are 36″ or less.
  • Pillow (from home or an inflatable camping pillow)
  • I don’t have a sleep system, can I rent one?

    Yes, we rent sleeping bags and foam sleeping pads. We use our favorite pillow from home and recommend you do the same.

    What food is served at camp?

    Fruits, vegetables, bread, chicken, bacon, veggie patties, s’mores.

    Can I bring my own special food and have the cook warm/prepare it for me?

    Please contact to request special food preparations. Not all requests can be granted.

    What beverages are served at camp?

    Fruit juice, cold and hot water and coffee, tea and coco powders.

    Can I bring beer/wine?

    You are welcome to bring adult beverages to camp. We prefer beer and wine in cans and ask you to leave liquor and glass at home. Please consume and share with the intent of the retreat in mind.

    What’s the deal with toilets?

    Many campsites have flush toilets. These are similar to public beach bathrooms without the sand and with doors.

    Most campsites have at least a vault (or ‘drop’) toilet. This is made up of a brick building (usually without artificial lighting) with a toilet inside. The toilet doesn’t flush because it is placed over a pit. 

    Can I bring my pup (or other pet)?

    We love our furry friends as much as the next camper, but in order for everyone to feel safe and have an enjoyable time we leave ours at home and ask you to do the same.

    Can I bring my daughter/niece/ granddaughter, whom is under 18?

    All of our Women’s Camping, Hiking and Yoga Retreats are for women aged 18+.

    We are launching a Mom&Kids camping weekend in 2020 which she (and the he’s) will be more than welcome to join!

    Additionally, we are developing a Young Women’s Outdoor Empowerment Program that is designed with your daughter/niece/granddaughter in mind.

    How can I get to camp?

    Carpooling with other campers is preferred.  Please join our private FB group “Women of the Empire” to coordinate with other campers. 

    You can also drive solo – parking is usually $10 a night.

    Liability and insurance costs are major barriers to us providing transportation services at this time.

    What are the hikes like?

    Hikes are typically 5-7 miles with some elevation gain and are rated medium difficulty.

    How should I dress for the hike/s?

    Weather/season depending but I wear either hiking (or breathable/comfy) pants or shorts or yoga pants; breathable shirt and trail runners.  See Val’s Closet for specific recommendations and links to products. 

    What is the yoga like?

    Yoga at camp are designed for anyone!  Brand new to yoga, this is perfect for you!

    And, if you are a more experienced yogi, then you already know that you can modify poses and talk with the instructor if you would like to work on something specific. Our instructors spend at least all of Saturday, if not the whole weekend at camp and are more than happy to discuss yoga ‘off the mat’.

    Before you come camping…

    I also recommend that you read ‘15 Tactical Camping Tips For Tent Camping‘ before joining us camping.